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Monday October 6th - 2:30 - Donway Place/Don Mills Seniors' Apartments - 8 The Donway East - This is for the residents of the apartments.


Tuesday - October 7 at 7 pm to 9 pm. Oriole Community Centre 2975 Don Mills Road - Sponsored by "Better Beginnings Now"


Wednesday October 8 - Bayview Glen School - 275 Duncan - Grade 5 class 9:30 to 10:00- jennifer Gillfillan 0 - 44


October 8  - 7:00 PM - 9:00 p.m. - Victoria Village Community Association

88 Sweeney - Victoria Village School - Gym


October 14th, 2008 - Election Day - Go Vote!


Completed Events

Wednesday, September 24 at 8:00 p.m  Meet Elizabeth May at the "Hockey Hall of Fame" as she travels from one end of the country to the other by train! This is a festive night for Green Party members, campaign teams and any and all supporters -- this is not a news conference. This is your chance to show your support, have some fun, and wish her luck before the debates on October 1st and 2nd!

This was an amazing experience - Elizabeth is certainly ready for the televised debate on October 2!


Friday September 26 2:00 p.m. - Emmanuel Luthern Church - 1684 Victoria Park.  All Candidates Debate for the residents.


Tuesday, September 30th - 7:00 p.m. Goldhawk Live - On Air Debate - Rogers TV




Wednesday October 1st - 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. THE BRIDGE ENGLISH CLUB SEMINAR WITH The GREEN PARTY - Seminar for members - Place: 1200 Eglinton Ave.E.,Suite 502


Thursday October 2, 10:45 a.m. Donview Middle School - Grade 6


Thursday, October 2 - Televised Leaders debate - Featuring Elizabeth May 

Why Vote Green!

There are many reasons to vote green.  A healthy environment is just one of many.  A higher quality of life for you and your family now and for generations to come is very important to us.  Check out the list below.  Email me and let me know what is most important to you.

More Time for your Family - The Green Party would like to see most people have the choice to work a 35 hour work week.  A shorter work week would help to reduce the stress in our lives and allow us to have more time for ourselves and/or our families.

A Safer Neighbourhood - Yes we need to review and revise gun laws, the Young Offenders Act and many of the other areas regarding violent crime.  While other Political Parties are mainly focusing on this area, the Green Party believes that many of the problems are a result of the transfer of payment cuts to the provinces 10 years ago and the resulting cuts to social programs.  We need to support community and neighbourhood programs if we are going to solve this problem in the long term

Clean Air to Breath - In 2005 we had an unprecedented 48 smog alert days including 2 in February and 4 in October.  We know that on smog alert days the emergency rooms are full of people with respiratory problems.  We know that smog is responsible for 5800 deaths in Ontario in 2005, over 17,000 hospital visits all at the cost of billions of dollars.

Clean Water to Drink  - Canadians continue to put a heavy strain on water infrastructures and drain our impressive freshwater reserves.  Instead of turning Canada into a boiled-water advisory country, we can protect our fresh water reserves, curb our water wasting habits and make sure everyone has access to clean drinkable water.

Clean Soil for Food - Farmers are the guardians of our land and they need the tools so that they can farm in a manner that ensures that the land will continue to be fertile and healthy for generations to come.  By supporting farmers in a move to organic agriculture we can make sure we all have Healthy Food to Eat and that the land it is grown on is free of chemicals and pollutants that we know cause cancer and many other diseases.

Better Health Care - Currently for every sick person in the system there are 6 people in the system to support them.  This includes doctors, nurses, orderlies, janitors etc.  With the baby boomers reaching the age of retirement this will change dramatically over the next 10 to 15 years to where there is only 3 people to support each sick person in the system.  No amount of money thrown at the system will prevent this from happening.  So the only logical thing to do is to reduce the number of sick people.  We know that carcinogens in our air, water and soil are the source for over 50% of cancers and many other health problems.  Clean these problems up and the number of sick people will decrease.

Your Tax Dollars Spent Wisely but frugally - Your taxes are your money and we will remember that and spend it is frugally and as wisely as possible.  We believe that the tax burden is high enough in Canada and that we can solve most if not all the social problems without increasing that burden.  We simply need to find more efficient ways of doing things that do not reduce the level of service provided.

A Clean Government - While the most recent focus is on problems with the Liberal government we all know that before that there were even larger problems with the Conservative Government. (See Stevie Cameron's book "On the Take" for details).  So are all politicians corrupt?  Is the entire political process corrupt?  I believe many politicians go into politics intent on making a positive difference in the country but are thwarted by the current system.  You want good government?  The System has to be changed.  The Green Party proposes changes to the election process in lines with the Law Commission of Canada which proposes a mixture of 2/3s of Canadaís MPs elected the way they are now and 1/3 based on the percentage of vote that the Party gets for that region.  This would make every vote count.  This would elect more women and minorities to government.  This would make MPs more accountable to you.  There are now only 3 countries in the world that continue to use the system that we are using today.  They are the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.  All other countries have moved on.  

The Green Party is a political movement whose purpose is to implement "sustainability" by means of the political process, whether by influencing legislature or by becoming the governing party and implementing sustainable legislature.

The Green Party believes that we are currently consuming (or destroying through pollution) non-renewable resources (such as oil), and renewable resources (such as trees, land and water) at rates that will leave our generation and especially future generations in dire need. 

The Green Party believes that by implementing policy that adheres to the 10 key values ( that "Greens" the world over have adopted, that we will be able to minimize and possibly avert future catastrophes.

The Green Party believes in balanced budgets, paying off debt, taxing "bad" (things that damage our health and the environment) and not taxing good (income is good so income taxes should be lowered), we are for democracy especially at the grass roots level (the federal government should implement national standards but municipalities should have more say in how these are met), gender equality and non-violence.

and finally...the Green Party believes the power lies with you.  You need to examine the facts and decide for yourself if the direction we are currently heading in, is viable in the long term.  If you feel it is not there are many things you will find on this web site that you can do to make a difference. 

Thank you to all 600,000 Canadians who voted green in the last election and I hope we can again count on your support in the next Federal election.  Your vote made a difference.  For each vote we receive $ 1.75 in funding from the Federal Government per year till the next election.

If possible please join the party.  The reason this is important is that the last election we were not allowed to participate in the nationally televised Federal debates because we were told our membership was too small...


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